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Jason Prieto | TBO The Tampa Tribune

I wouldn’t quite say its fall, yet, but the weather sure is starting to take a turn in the right direction. As our days get shorter, both air and water temperatures start to decline, and fronts are beginning to form in the north part of the country. It appears we’re just weeks away from some of the best fishing of the year.

Lately I’ve noticed trout, redfish and snook are slowly making their transitions from deeper areas to the outer flats. When we get the first harsh cold front, these same fish will move to the backcountry and this will officially kick off the fall season.

As we wait on that first front, you’ll still find some great fishing towards the outer flats that line the South Shore area. On a recent charter, while fishing a high morning tide followed by a swift drop, we found a great bit of success fishing the outer flats just inside the sand bar on low water. As the water drops out, it forces fish to the deeper potholes around the flats. This is an optimum time to target all three inshore species – snook, trout and redfish. That day we caught all three in the same spot.

You’ll also find a ton of trout on the outside of these same bars in four to six feet of water. All you need is a lot of grass and moving water. Read more…