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Fred Garth

When you ask people who Guy Harvey is, they’ll often say, “Oh, I love his t-shirts. I have 15 of them in my closet”. Or, they’ll say, “Oh, I love his art. Also, I have 15 of his t-shirts in my closet.“ Rarely do they say, “You mean the Ph.D. who has a degree in marine biology and is a former college professor?” Just doesn’t happen. At least not much.

Over the years, we’ve been educating folks on the fact that Guy is actually, Dr. Harvey. He began as a teacher and only pursued his lifelong hobby (art) because it was an instant hit. So, it’s appropriate that Guy Harvey Magazine has a special Education Issue coming out this fall (it hits the streets in mid September) because Guy is all about education.

Even though he no longer instructs students in the classroom, Guy still loves to teach whether it’s one person he showing how to fish or a group of people going out to do stingray studies in Grand Cayman. (Guy did the definitive study at Stingray City in Grand Cayman and does follow up studies every couple of years.)

The Guy Harvey Magazine Education Issue is a real eye-opening publication because it profiles some of the incredible marine science work being done by some amazing students and teachers. If those dedicated souls are any indication of the future health of our oceans, then our waterways and fisheries are going to be in fine shape. Keep your eye out for the special GHM Education Issue.
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