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Fred Garth

So I hope you’re loving the new GHM website as much as I am. We (the dedicated mag staff) are pretty doggone proud of the look and feel and beauty that truly represents what Guy Harvey is all about. It’s a visual extravaganza, especially the photo gallery, but also full of essential info for hardcore fishers like you and me.

Kudos to Crystal Stevens, who makes everything fit and look incredible and to Leslie Ward, our Art Director, for making sure the site is gorgeous. Now I’m doing my menial job of writing a heartfelt and witty blog which I’m doing on my tiny iPhone for the first time and it is a real pain in the bass.  So, basically the last time I write on my iPhone too. Unless I get one of those huge ones that looks like I’m holding a frisbee up to my ear. But I suffer for the betterment of the cause. Hmm, now I can’t see what I’m typing. Where do the leters go?? Uh, wat? I gues tht term. Drib werm.