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Hell's Bay Boatworks

Hell's Bay Boatworks was formed by renowned Florida fishing guide Flip Pallot, along with visionary boat designer Chris Morejohn with one goal in mind … to build the finest fishing boats ever conceived. Merely improving conventional designs was not good enough. They wanted to make sweeping changes in design and construction that would revolutionize the shallow water fishing industry. And they accomplished this.

Today Hell's Bay Boatworks is still led by a team of dedicated fishermen, outdoorsmen and adventurers. 

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1520 Chaffee Drive
United States

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Today Hell's Bay Boatworks is still led by a team of dedicated fishermen, outdoorsmen and adventurers.

This team is guided by Capt. Chris Peterson and his wife Wendi Peterson. Chris not only brings years of on the water experience , but has a depth of business experience  leading companies and large organizations for more than 20 years.

All of the department leads at Hell's Bay have been with the Boatworks more than five years and have a proven dedication to creating the finest skiffs available. Everyone at Hell's Bay is passionate about what they create and their passion shows in the Hell's Bay's finished skiffs. The skiff builders at Hell's Bay only build to order and put their efforts into quality construction, the finest materials, cutting edge design and personal customer service.

Hell's Bay's boats will allow anglers to do things they have never been able to do in other flats boats. Imagine never again feeling the frustration of grounding out while trying to reach a tailing bonefish or redfish. Imagine being able to easily fish thousands of miles of water filled with fish that no other boats can reach!

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